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This is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process which uses a continuously fed tubular electrode containing a flux and a constant voltage power supply. This was a perfect solution for UMSL in waterproofing their pipes in the elevator shaft.  Using one piece of material ensures the solid tight fit needed to stop any water from leaking out. FCAW is just one type of welding we do for our customers.  We specialize in listening to our customer first and then making recommendations only after we understand what they need.  UMSL had one requirement and that was to prevent water leakage in the elevator shaft.  We consulted with them on the best solution and that is what you see here.

Each project is unique and presents its own challenges.  As you can see here, the pipe was in a tight area and we build our workspace around it.  There was also the challenge of getting the pipes in the right position.  For this task, our team build hoists and made other accommodations to meet the needs of UMSL.

For all of your FCAW welding needs, give us a call.

FCAW Welding close up

FCAW Welding close up


FCAW Welding UMSL elevator shaft

FCAW Welding Pipe

FCAW Welding for UMSL elevator project

FCAW Welding VP Welding

FCAW Welding UMSL elevator shaft

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