We have worked at the homes of many local residents on all types of projects

At Valley Park Welding we’ve had the privilege to work on the homes and multi-family residential buildings for a great number of St. Louis area customers. If the problem is a functional one and/or means that your building will not pass code, or if you issue is more of a cosmetic one, we are here ready to assist you with your welding needs.

We take the same pride you do when it comes to your home or multi-family buildings, and every one of our residential welding projects reflects our company mission – The First Thing We Build is a Relationship With You.

If you’d like consultation on your welding job or need an estimate for handling your welding project, call us today at (314) 717-3276 or contact us via email at:

You can also use our Contact Us form to reach us directly.

Residential Projects

One of our St. Louis welding customers had a need for their residential apartment complex and Valley Park Welding was there for the job. As you can see, this staircase needed a lot of cosmetic attention to begin with, being an eyesore for all those that lived there.

More importantly, there were many repairs which needed to be made for the staircase to pass code. We stepped in and fabricated and repaired all the necessary pieces to create an attractive, and safe, staircase that all the residents here can enjoy for years to come.



Residential welding job for valued customer of Valley Park Welding



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