No matter your commercial or industrial welding needs, we have you covered

We are your Commercial Industrial Welding experts. We’re known for our commitment to being a top quality metal fabricator for our commercial and industrial customers. We work on budget, and on time, providing our valued customers with fabrication and welding repairs of the highest quality.

Heavy duty commercial industrial welding repair in St. Louis is a big piece of our business, with portable welding and repair when necessary.

At Valley Park Welding, The First Thing We Build is a Relationship With You, and we make sure this philosophy shows in every project we do for every customer. We want your repeat business, and your referrals! And we know that the only way to get those things is to earn them with customer service you can’t find elsewhere.

Let us prove to you like we’ve done with so many others in St. Louis the high-quality craftsmanship of our work. Our commercial industrial welding is the best in St. Louis. Call us today at (314) 717-3276 or contact us via email at: You can also use our Contact Us form to reach us directly.

Commercial / Industrial Projects

One of the problems we see quite often at Valley Park Welding from various municipalities, including the City of St. Louis, is the problem illustrated below.

On a pretty frequent basis the packer blade sensors go out on trash trucks.

When this happens the drivers pack the trash just a little too much which then causes the packer blade to punch right through the tailgate. Not only must the hole have welding work done to repair it, but these types of accidents also causes the tailgate to be tweaked which needs to be corrected as well.

This is just another example of a high-quality, commercial industrial welding job. Our shop in St. Louis sees these projects on a regular basis from our valued customers.



Commercial Welding

Our Customer Krispy Kreme had an enclosure on their outdoor patio section that needed a great looking railing, installed onsite. Valley Park Welding was there to create this attractive railing that met and exceeded our customer’s expectations.



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