If you can conceive it, we can help you build it

We are your St. Louis area welding fabrication experts. We can build to suit, and are capable and qualified to cover a wide range of customer needs from major projects to minor. If you have a welding fabrication need, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call today at 314-717-3276.

We would love to provide you a free estimate and consultation on your welding fabrication project.

At Valley Park Welding, we believe that The First Thing We Build is a Relationship with You. Repeat business and referrals are what make our company work – so customer satisfaction is our number one priority, no matter how big or small the job.

You’ll have the confidence that your project is done the right way, and on deadline, every time.

At Valley Park Welding we have the expertise to handle any material, even those that others can’t – welding Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Magnesium and Mild Steel. Our welders have levels of experience that you will not find at many other shops around St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and the other areas further away from the city center. We are your welding fabrication experts.

We also offer the sale of steel in stock for those customers that need it.

Call us today at (314) 717-3276 or contact us via email at: hewkin03@gmail.com

You can also use our Contact Us form to reach us directly.

Fabrication Projects

Lawn Care Truck Fabrication Project

This recent welding project was for a local lawn care business here in St. Louis. Sections of this floor in the truck bed had rusted away, and the company was continually losing material out of the truck due to these gaps, which cost our customer not only the value of the lost material but also dependability of knowing how much product they could deliver at one time.

Valley Park Welding cut out the existing floor, and then fabricated and welded in a new floor for the truck. After the project was completed, our customer not only saves valuable materials as they travel, but were also spared the expense of a new trailer at the same time. Our welding fabrication services provide functionality and save our customers money time after time.

Expert St. Louis Welders – MSD Platform

This attractive platform deck and railing was built by our St. Louis welders, who worked on this project for the Metropolitan Sewer District, to help them gain access to an area of their facilities that needed it.

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